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How Window Treatments Improve Your Sleep?

Around 35% of adults and 70% of high school students in the US are deprived of a peaceful night sleep, studies report. One major reason for people not getting enough sleep is excess light coming in the bedroom. Orlando blinds and Shutters would tell you about blackout blinds and shades that can really help you catch some good sleep through anytime of the day.

What are blackout blinds?

Blackout blinds are made of strips known as louvers. They come in different width sizes that can rotate providing excellent light and privacy control. They are a popular choice for Orlando homeowners.

Then there are blackout shades you can choose for blocking light in the bedroom. Blackout shades unlike the blinds are single piece of fabric that can be raised or lowered. Both blinds and shades can be effective in blocking light and improving sleep.

How light and darkness affect sleep?

Blackout blinds and shades both block light. But people do not realize how much brightness can interfere with your sleep. Light exposure during the day keeps us energetic and awake but the same intensity of light in the night can deprive you of restful sleep.

Same way darkness signals our body to slow down and sleep, darkness also helps in the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. That’s why we tend to wake up when the sun is shining bright and sleep when it sets. However, with the changing times and the fast paced life, it may be important to look out for solutions to light and privacy.

The many benefits of Blackout Blinds

Their advantages over traditional window dressings, make them a popular choice for modern bedrooms. Blackout blinds keep outside world from peeping, creating a perfect ambience to sleep. Also they reduce the outside noise from coming in.

When they are properly fitted, they can go in any room as they are easy and quick to install. In addition to improving sleep, blackout blinds and shades help reduce the energy gain by as much as 25%.

They are also less expensive than the traditional curtains and drapes making them a worthwhile purchase.

Temperature and light can have a powerful effect on your sleep. Blackout blinds and shades can help.

Considerations while buying Blackout blinds and shades

Get the right size – Professionals can help over here! When you have the experienced professionals like Orlando Blinds and Shutters, you can never get a wrong size for your windows. We measure, manufacture, and install all for you.

Shop for the best price but do not compromise on the quality of the material and installation.

Blackout blinds and shades are an inexpensive way to improve sleep and provide many benefits like keep noise out and saving on energy costs.

No matter what kind of window treatments you may look for your homes, we have an extensive range, you can browse them online or schedule for a free in-home expert consultation.

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