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Tips From A WINDOW Shades Pro for your Bedroom

Roman shade – this classic window treatment has been on the desired list for homeowners for their homes. Not only do they look beautiful and stylish they provide excellent insulation, light control, and privacy. All these make them a perfect pick for the bedrooms. Gator blinds can tell you some tips you can try with roman shades to accentuate your bedroom.

Roman shade and a background wall – create a contrast

Your background wall can be a backdrop for window covering. If you want to make roman shades a focal point, contrast them with the background wall. If the wall is in darker hues, go for a neutral shade or vice-a-versa. This will enhance the room decor.

Prints and Patterns

Well, if you are in love with patterns, don’t keep it limited to the bedcovers, get your shades in prints or patterns. Opt for tropical motifs, this will add a character to your Florida home bedroom.

Use Valance

If you want a little bit of drama and accentuate the window, you can consider installing a valance in combination with roman shades. It lends some depth and gives a neat look to your window. You can choose different materials in valances from wood and fabrics.

Blackout Roman shades

The bedroom should promote peaceful sleep and for that, you need the right ambiance. Selecting blackout fabrics in roman shades will not only give you a good night's sleep but also reduce the outside noise.

Layer roman shades with curtains

When you combine both curtains and roman shades, they are not just a stylish move rather it makes it a functional window treatment. There are a lot of varieties in roman shades and the same with curtains. Choose a print fabric for the roman shade and blackout fabric for your curtain. You will achieve both room darkening and light filtering in one room.

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