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What is the right louver size for your plantation shutter?

Plantation shutters are customizable, and most homeowners know this fact. It's not just size; you can choose them in all colors, textures, finish, frame style, and even slat sizes.

Plantation shutters offer excellent privacy because of the movable louvers and three available louver sizes. So, let us try to understand the pros and cons of each other and considerations while choosing one for your plantation shutters.

A small Louver size when you want to create a rich colonial look or have a small window

It doesn't matter what louver size you use, the privacy is the same. The smallest louver size is 2 ½", meaning the louvers and gaps are not very wide. They work great in areas like bathrooms, small spaces like laundry rooms, etc. However, we do not recommend that size because if you want to enjoy the outside view, there will be more obstructions with small louver sizes. Also, smaller louver sizes are not recommended for more oversized windows.

Large louvers for your shutters give you a better view outside

The louver size is 4 ½", so the gap between the two louvers will be pretty large when shutters are open. They are perfect for enjoying the unobstructed outside view. They will also let ample sunlight come in and brighten up your place, which is recommended for oversized windows. Tilt down the louvers when the sun turns harsh, or you want privacy.

Shutters are easy to clean as well and look grand. However, the 4 ½” louvers are not recommended for small-sized or specialty windows.

Standard louvers are an excellent pick for any window

The 3 ½" louvers are even called plantation size and are popular for many homeowners. They are a perfect pick as they lie between small and large louvers. They will also allow a good amount of light to come in and have an unobstructed view while also checking on privacy. They will look good on small, large, or even specialty windows.

If you still are not sure of the right louver size for your plantation shutters, you can always seek professional help. The experts will come to your homes, take exact measurements, understand your requirements and suggest accordingly.

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