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Why Are Dual Shades Popular With Home Owners?

Blinds, shades, shutters all are a great way to cover your windows in style. These days, however, style or aesthetics is not just the factor for choosing a specific window covering. Functionality is equally important and even the reverse is true. Thanks to technology, the window treatment industry now offers Dual shades that are an eclectic combination of both style and functionality.

Dual shades are an intelligent window treatment so created to meet everyone’s requirement of style and functionality. It’s an unconventional window treatment that has got two fabrics with light filtering and blackout features for excellent light and privacy control.

Dual shades are an excellent addition to homes keeping your home at bay from intruders, scorching sun rays, and offering comfort and convenience. They are ideal for every kind of home – country cottage, city apartment, beach vacation home, or duplex.

Dual Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are a great mix of sheer and privacy fabrics. When they are raised you can enjoy unobstructed outside view and even when there are lowered one can still enjoy diffused natural light with a decent level of privacy.

Dual Roller Shades

The dual roller shade comprises a see-through translucent fabric paired with complete blackout fabric. They bring privacy while offering higher energy efficiency thus reducing the need for air conditioners. They are perfect for homes in areas with dry and arid climates. They prevent indoors from blinding glaring of the sun.

They even protect the floor and the furnishing from the damaging ultraviolet rays. They take minimal space to install and are a no-maintenance affair. With their minimalistic look, they add to the modern décor of your space.

Dual Solar Shades

Solar shades come in different openness levels ranging from 1% to 14%. As there are two fabrics in a single casing, you can raise or lower them together to get your desired privacy or light. They are available in a variety of palettes, textures, colors.

You can use all these dual shades with a cordless or motorized lift system if you have kids and pets around. This enhances their functionality and offers homeowners more comfort and convenience. You can even synchronize them with Alexa or other virtual assistants and even your mobile phone to open and close them at specific times during the day when you’re away.

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