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Window Treatments: Which One Should You Get?

Window treatments look beautiful and dress up your windows, but they do more than that. If you choose the right window treatment, you can maximize energy use, enjoy privacy, and let natural light in adding style and functionality together. Are you ready to find the right fit? Check out this post to find tips on choosing the right window treatment for your home.

Know your options

Before narrowing down your options, let us check out all the available window treatments. Each has its own unique structure and benefits.


Window blinds are usually made of plastic, wood, faux wood and has a slat structure. To control the amount of light and privacy, adjust the slat. Cellular blinds come with a unique honeycomb style cell construction that offers excellent insulation all throughout the year.


Shades consist of fabric material that covers the entire window. So, they offer excellent privacy. Roller shades offer you the flexibility to adjust the height to which you want to open or close the shade. The fabric smoothly rolls around a header. In roman shades, the fabric stacks one upon the other when you pull them up giving a tailored and refined look.


Curtains offer huge range in fabric from blackout, sheer etc. Depending on your privacy needs you can choose from light filtering or room darkening options. They typically hang from rods and run beyond the length of the window sill. They slide to the side and you can adjust them for letting in sunlight.


The interior shutters come with a wooden frame that has slats and you can adjust them up and down to allow the light to come in and maintain privacy.

What are your functional needs?


The functional needs vary from room to room. In living room, window treatments that are easy to operate and allow natural light in work well. Bedroom and bathroom are areas where privacy takes over other issues. Kitchen does not require much privacy although you may like to keep away the nosey neighbors out of the view.

Room Darkening

Bedroom is one area where room darkening is the most preferred. The room darkening window treatments usually come with a lining that blocks the light and creates a cool dark ambience perfect for a good sleep.

If you’re an early riser or work in night shifts, you will benefit from these window treatments.

Energy Savings

If you’re living in extreme temperatures, one should opt for window treatments that act as great insulators like the cellular shades. They make the room feel more comfortable without over burdening your HVAC system. They also save huge on utility bills.

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